2 Tank Private Diving Charter – Abroad The Caicos Cat

The Turks & Caicos Islands have a lot to offer. We have a large variety of pristine beaches, islands & cays to visit. We have chosen a fine selection of destinations based on points of interest, great beaches, scenery, great snorkeling and easy access with a comfortable ride. Be sure that you read the description of each trip to see what each cruise has to offer and find one that fits your needs. We also offer custom cruises. Tell us exactly what you like to do and what your main interest is. We will design your perfect dream cruise.

2 Tank Private Diving Charter – Abroad The Caicos Cat


Caicos Cat is a 43 Ft Power Catamaran, located on our South Side Marina and Offering Diving (24 Divers) and Snorkeling (30 Pax) Trips to West Caicos and French Cay. Not Available on the North Side. Perfect for Large Private Parties.

Max Pax: 24

Hours: Full Day

Includes: Hotel Transportation, Tanks, Weight Belt & Soft Weights

Food & Drinks: VIP Lunch, Fruit, Bottled Water, Soda

Diving Turks and Caicos is greatly enjoyed in smaller, scuba diving groups with a maximum of 8 scuba diving participants aboard the 28 ft Power Catamaran, “Hercules”. Or, you can schedule a larger party up to 24 scuba diving participants aboard the 43 ft Power Catamaran “The Caicos Cat”. Explore the deep wonders of Providenciales Island without harming the beautiful Caribbean waters. Diving Turks and Caicos means experiencing the natural beauty of your surroundings and of your diving adventure.

Diving Turks and Caicos in a smaller group also means taking your time to enjoy the waters or to explore additional areas on Providenciales Island. The trip itself is based completely on your desires and interests! Why not charter a private Provo Providenciales scuba dive charter boat with friends and family? Through Caicos Adventures, you can customize your adventure around Turks and Caicos Islands!

  • All local dive sites available.
  • Special diving trips may be available.
  • Private Scuba Diving:
    • Most reasonable rates on Providenciales Island.
    • Your diving trip of Turks & Caicos can easily be customized! Choose to include anything from snorkeling to sight-seeing to beach expoloration.

For off-island reservations (before you arrive in Turks & Caicos) use our reservation form here and mention in the “special comments” section that you want to reserve a “private dive charter” with the dates and times (this will commence an email dialogue)

For on-island divers and vacationers, please call our shop at 941-3346 and tell our friendly staff that you are interested in a “private dive charter availability”. Inform them of the days you want to dive, what equipment you may need to rent, any special needs, and any lessons or courses you may wish to take.

Diving Turks and Caicos with Caicos Adventures provides access to 2 amazing diving boats, as well as a group of experienced and entertaining scuba guides. Diving Turks and Caicos will be an unrivaled experience we want you to share with friends and family members. Whether you choose scuba diving or snorkeling, you are sure to create long-lasting memories you’ll want to relive over and over again.

We guarantee you’ll have a great adventure on Providenciales Island! By diving Turks and Caicos, you are already positioning yourself in an incredible diving location to view unique wildlife. With Caicos Adventures, your experience diving Turks and Caicos Islands cannot be matched! Not only do we provide you with experienced scuba diving guides, but we also have very visitor-oriented tours currently available on Providenciales Island.

We are happy to work with you to design the most exciting and fun-filled experience within Turks and Caicos Islands. Our quality of service and the scuba diving experience itself always makes the difference!

Please view our photo gallery to see various reef fish, sponges, sharks & turtles living near Turks and Caicos Islands.

*All Prices are subject to a 12% Government Tax. Prices subject to change without prior notice.