Full Day West Caicos Safari

The Turks & Caicos Islands have a lot to offer. We have a large variety of pristine beaches, islands & cays to visit. We have chosen a fine selection of destinations based on points of interest, great beaches, scenery, great snorkeling and easy access with a comfortable ride. Be sure that you read the description of each trip to see what each cruise has to offer and find one that fits your needs. We also offer custom cruises. Tell us exactly what you like to do and what your main interest is. We will design your perfect dream cruise.

Full Day West Caicos Safari


7 Hours (9:00 AM – 4:00 PM)

All rates subject to government tax

(20% discount for children 9 & under)

West Caicos is a fairly large Island, which was has been used as a navigation tool and rest stop by Navy and Merchant ships dating back to the 16th century. This beautiful Island offers a 3 mile spectacular iron shoreline on the West side providing great anchorage for the large ships. We will snorkel the surrounding reefs and visit the famous “wall”, which starts at 35 feet and plunges into the abyss of 7000 feet. On the beautiful shoreline, discover sailors’ rock carvings, relax on a spectacular beach, enjoy a “Caribbean BBQ”, catered by a local restaurant, and stop at a sand bar to hunt for sand dollars. Caribbean BBQ Lunch & Refreshments served on board. A fantastic full day of fun and discovery for the entire family.