Reef Fishing

Grand Slam Charters has been operating for over 12 years on the beautiful waters of Turks and Caicos. Our legendary 45’ Gwendolyn was the most famous vessel on the island and held the Caribbean All-Class record for wahoo.

We believe in keeping Turks & Caicos a rich and beautiful place for generations to come. Some of our values include but are not limited to:

Don’t over fish
Leaving fish for others
No shark fishing
No more Nassau Grouper ( (endangered) even though season may be open. Catch & release only.
Catch and release of any billfish
No more plastic bags
No Plastic straws
No more plastic water bottles…we have switched to larger water jugs (guests are welcome to bring refillable water bottles)
We collect all recyclables
Our clothing is from sustainable and eco-friendly sources
Joining the fight against the Long- Liners
Dedicating a crew to participate in beach clean up days.

Reef Fishing Half Day Charters

Price : $1,600

Short Description : 

 What’s Included

  • Includes pickup & drop-off at Grace Bay resorts,
  • All fishing gear, bait, light snacks, 
  • Drinks water, soda, light beer, 
  • 4. Snorkeling gear, beach gear,

 What to Bring

  • Personal bathing suit if you want to swim/jump in. There is a bathroom where one can change.
  • Sun protection – hat , SPF lotion,
  • Sunglasses,
  • Hat
  • Shirt/Coverup
  • Towel
  • Gravol if you have a sensitivity to motion
  • Capacity: 14 people

Long Description:

Enjoy Incredible Reef Fishing!

Come aboard and enjoy your day on the most famous fishing charter vessel in Turks And Caicos!

“Green water” reef (bottom) fishing in Turks and Caicos is a wonderful way to enjoy a day at sea for the whole family. After a 30-minute trip across our nature reserve and gorgeous turquoise shallows, we arrive at the inner reef where coral heads teem with all types and sizes of stunning tropical fish.

The coral heads are also paraded by other predators too, and it is common to hook a snapper only to see it snatched by a barracuda just feet from the boat; you are then into a whole new fish fight.

Outer reef fishing is perfect for our “Angler Management” boat – The “Angler Management” can accommodate 14 passengers plus her crew of two! For those new to fishing, this is a great way to experience the excitement of your first catch; the action is fast and frequent and almost every fish is a different species. Most are beautifully coloured and a wonderful first-hand experience for youngsters to encounter the wonders of nature. If you are fishing for dinner you won’t be disappointed; these waters teem with snapper, grouper, yellowtail, cero, and numerous other panfish.

Depending on location, this takes place outside the reef trolling or at anchor inside of the barrier reef or on the reef on numerous coral heads catching grouper, snapper, cero, barracuda, triggerfish, grunts, hogfish, and a myriad of other tropical fishing species. We generally use the “Angler Management” for this type of fishing.


Reef Fishing 3/4-Day Charter

Price $2,700

Reef Fishing Full-Day Charter

Price $2,900

Reef Night Fishing

Price $1,600 (3 hours)