Natural Wildlife Photo Adventure

Natural Wildlife Photo Adventure


Take a unique approach to typical island Grand Turk Natural wildlife Photo Adventure tour bird-watching tour. While you travel around Grand Turk with a naturalist guide to see scenic attractions like the salt ponds, you’ll also catch sight of various Caribbean birds.

The Turks and Caicos Islands are common nesting sites for a variety of birds with over 200 species of birds observed on the islands. Each of the seven major islands and 40 smaller islands and cays have their own unique terrain and ecosystems so bird watching. Here are some of the Main wildlife you will be seen in Grand Turk, The Donkeys, Houses, Wild dogs, Billy Goats, Brown pelican, Pink Flamingos, Ring neck Ducks, Egrets birds white brown and gray, There are much more of the wild life you will be seeing, many biologists and ecologists view the Turks and Caicos islands as a biodiversity hot spot for wildlife.

Duration: 2 Hours | 10 Person Max Capacity


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