Wedding Packages

Spa Tropique, the longest-running spa company in Turks & Caicos, was founded on Providenciales in 1997.

With many locations, we cater to guests at the best resorts on the island, as well as providing the preeminent mobile spa service.

Spa Tropique is owned and operated by entrepreneur Meryl Cooper.

Born and raised in NYC and a Boston University School of Communications graduate, Meryl began her career in retail and worked as a General Manager of The Gap stores in New York City. A born actress, voiceover talent and stand-up comic, she gives great phone. Before moving to Turks & Caicos, she was most recently selling residential real estate for The Corcoran Group in New York City.

Now she lives on a tropical island and has dedicated her life to pampering YOU.

Her friendly and talented staff, therapists and estheticians are on a mission to spoil you rotten.


Wedding Packages

I Do. I Do. I Do. I Do. I Do. I Do.—————————–$350
Before you do, take some time to yourselves to rest and rejuvenate. For the Bride & Groom.
His & Hers
  • 70-Minute Swedish Massages
  • Delicious Full-Scalp Massages
  • Fabulous Foot Massages
And if your hands and feet are feeling jealous, just add…
His & Hers Manicures & Pedicures————————-$185
(Un) Tie the Knot(s)———————————————$145
Give yourself a break before or after the excitement (and stress!) of The Big Day. (We won’t tell your mother-in-law where you are either.)
  • Peaceful 50-Minute Hot Stone Massage
  • Fabulous Foot Massage
The Princess Bride———————————————-$225
It’s your day to shine. Your husband(!!!) will thank us too when he feels your soft skin!
  • Green Apple Body Polish
  • 50-Minute Swedish Massage
  • Full-Scalp Massage
  • Fabulous Foot Massage
Bridesmaids are a Girl’s Best Friend———————–$240
They’ve heard all the stories, been there for the good times and bad.
  • Pineapple-Papaya Crème Fraiche Wrap
  • 50-Minute Swedish Massage
It’s a Guy Thing————————————————–$200
Father, Usher or Best Man. They know your secrets.
  • 70-Minute Hot Stone Massage
  • Gentleman’s Pedicure
You’re Not Losing a Child, You’re Gaining One———-$270
For the Mother of the Bride or Mother of the Groom. You deserve it!
  • Nurturing 70-Minute Aromatherapy Massage
  • Spa Manicure & Pedicure
  • Full Scalp Massage
Best Man-icure—————————————————-$65
We love ’em, but do their hands need help. Let your day be more enjoyable knowing that your guys’ hands are picture perfect.
  • Gentleman’s Manicure
  • Full Scalp Massage