Palm trees sway in the gentle breeze, seemingly in synch to the rhythm of the music playing softly along the path…

Passing through the palest of sage green painted iron gates, the faint aroma of geranium begins to come into focus. Your breath slows then deepens. Is that sandalwood and a hint of orange too? Nectar of hibiscus, the flower of happiness and sheer joy by the way, tastes sweet on your lips. You are now ready to begin your blissful journey at a place where service, gentility and luxury are a matter of course. Delights await!.


  • Pink Sands of Saraha 60 Minutes $190 & 90 Minutes $270
  • Citrus Scrub 60 Minutes $170
  • Bladderwrack Body Scrub 60 Minutes $190
  • 02 Bamboo Scrub 60 Minutes $190


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