Private Ride

We are a small Eco friendly horseback riding company. While on the tour with us you will feel at peace and one with nature. On tour you will often get a visit from our Sea Friends( turtles and baby nurse sharks) . Our horses are tamed and super friendly, guides are not too bad.

This Experience is one that you will not want to miss!

Private Ride


Our private ride is a great option for honeymooners, couples or small groups who don’t mind spending the extra $$$ to enjoy a more private experience. One of the main advantages of the private ride, is you don’t have to ride with any other person unless they are in your group, you can customise your tour with your family or friends.This ride is 60 minutes on the beach and in the water. A private ride is also a good option for advanced riders if they want to have more opportunitiy to trot and canter. We don’t canter on the beach at high tide because the footing is too soft and we don’t want the horses to injure their tendons. Be advidsed, if you book a private ride for 5 people or less, you will only have 1 guide. If there are any advanced riders in the group, they will have to go at the pace of the less experienced riders in the group. We don’t let riders canter on the beach without a guide, and sometimes the safety of the less experienced riders takes precedence.


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