Turks and Caicos boasts some of the best beaches found anywhere in the world. Not only can you discover well-known coastlines such as the famous Grace Bay and Coral Gardens Beach right here on our shores, but there are also many smaller, more secluded beaches that are just as fascinating and beautiful in their own right. Here is a list of some of the best beaches Turks and Caicos has to offer.

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Grace Bay Beach

Grace Bay, Providenciales

Grace Bay beach is the most popular tourist spots in the Caribbean and it’s not difficult to see why. Located on the North End of Providenciales, Grace Bay stretches around 3 miles long whilst the entire beach area spans seven and a half miles (12km). You can walk the full distance of the beach, from The Bight to Emerald Point, if you’re feeling energetic. Grace Bay Beach takes its name from Grace Jane Hutchings, the wife of Hugh Houston Hutchings who was commissioner of the Turks and Caicos from between 1933-1934.

Grace Bay is also home to one of the most popular snorkeling hot spots in the world, boasting beautiful coral reefs world and home to a vast amount of marine life including turtles and eagle rays.

Pirates Cove Beach

West Harbor Bluff, Providenciales

Pirates Cove, also known as West Harbor Bluff is one of Turks and Caicos’ hidden gems. Tucked away in a small peninsula on the southwest point of Providenciales, affectionately named Pirates Cove boasts one of the most stunning secluded spots in all of Turks and Caicos. Relax and work on your tan game whilst enjoying this serene patch of coastline or explore the stunning rock formations and the open cave that surround the harbor.

Sapodilla Bay Beach

Chalk Sound, Providenciales

Sapodilla Bay is located near the entrance of Chalk Sound National Park in Providenciales. What sets Sapodilla Bay apart from other beaches in the area, is its fine white limestone sand and particles that give the water its stunning natural turquoise color. The bay itself is perfect for families with children as the water here is always shallow, calm, and clear. The water is also considerably warmer than you will find in most other locations due to the calm, shallow conditions.

Photo credit: Coral Gardens Resort

Coral Gardens Beach

The Bight, Providenciales

Coral Gardens Beach is home to The Bight Reef, a 350-foot cluster of coral that provides an excellent opportunity for snorkelers to explore the vast array of marine life that resides there. The Coral here is vibrant in color and extremely beautiful to behold. It is also home to many different types of fish and plant life.

Little Water Cay Beach

Little Water Cay, Providenciales

If you fancy taking the short boat trip from Provo to Half Moon Bay for the day there are many companies that offer day trips to this small but beautiful stretch of coastline. Half Moon Bay is situated between two uninhabited cays that were once separated by a channel, however, these days that space has been filled by a sandy white beach. One side of the beach is relatively sheltered and there is a shallow lagoon ideal for swimming due to its naturally occurring warm waters.

Governor’s Beach

Grand Turk

Governor’s Beach is situated on the [South] West coast of Grand Turk. It takes its name from the Governor’s mansion which can be found just a short distance away from the main beach. Although the Governor’s beach is not the best place for snorkeling due to an absence of any significant coral and marine life, it has beautifully clear shallow waters that are perfect for swimming all year round and a wide strip of sandy white beach.

Pillory Beach

Grand Turk

Grand Turk’s second most popular beach is not far from Governor’s beach, located just north of Cockburn Town. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Grand Turk, then Pillory Beach is the perfect spot for you. This quiet and sheltered coastline offers crystal clear waters all year round as well as a clean sandy seabed floor underfoot. It is believed by some historians that Christopher Columbus himself may have once docked at Grand Turk, and not in fact San Salvador in the Bahamas like is commonly believed.

Mudjin Harbour Beach

Dragon Cay, Middle Caicos

In the center of Dragon Cay resort, not far from the Cay itself, you will find Mudjin Harbour Beach, a beautiful spot of coastline interspersed with rocky hills and cliffs. Whilst it is not recommended that you swim here due to the choppy waters and nearby sharks that often frequent these waters, Mudjin Harbour is an ideal for a spot of site seeing and well worth a visit. There are also several open-faced caves here that are perfect for exploring.

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