Concert & Festival Promotions


Bookeezy offers promotion andpoint of sale payment solutions for numerous concert performances spanning several different venues throughout the Turks and Caicos Islands.

With the versatility of Bookeezy’s payment gateway partner Payeezy you can simply download the app, add and customize your event, and start pre-selling tickets or take payment right at the door. Payments can be processed with or without the person or credit card present.

Your event will be visible on the Bookeezy App for customers to browse, select and pay securely Online; it’s that easy.

After a ticket is purchased, you (the promoter) will get a notification confirming the purchase and then get a receipt/voucher identical to what is sent to the purchaser redeemable at the event.

Party & Event Promotions


Bookeezy makes it simple for event goers to search our database for upcoming events and pre-purchase tickets.

Bookeezy offers point of sale option through our App utilizing our point of sale solution provider Payeezy, Ideal for a small business that needs to be away from the counter or out of the office.

Powerful and easy to use

  • Compatible with most iOS and Android devices
  • Intuitive design and superior customer experience
  • Quick set up and easy-to-use, requires minimal training

Bookeezsy’s Back of Office software dashboard will help you with all the real-time reporting you need to keep track of ticket sales – anytime, anywhere. Here are just a few of the useful features:

  • Intuitive sales reporting helps you track sales performance
  • Apply item discount pricing on the run, so you can maximize customer engagement and profitability

Online purchase is secure, and you get a confirmation email with receipt/voucher as proof of purchase, redeemable at the event.

Promoting your events on Bookeezy will increase sales, help organize your efforts, and improve profitability.  

Charity Event Promotions


Bookeezy supports local charities. We provide our platform FREE of charge to local Turks and Caicos Charities to promote events.

Simply contact us about your upcoming charity events and we’ll help you advertise and promote it.

We can even accept direct donations for your charity.


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